Outcomes from residency at Sweeney’s bothy on the Isle of Eigg as part of the Life Off the Grid project with Edinburgh University and The Bothy Project.
Inspired by the story of an infamous lost map on the island , the project aimed to examine how maps are perceived and used on the island; exploring their significance and value as tools of way finding, instruments of organisation but also as material artifacts and repositories of meaning.
In particular, I was interested in exploring the idea that maps fundamentally aim to describe reality through simple abstract lines, forms and motifs.

This series was developed with the idea of creating experimental maps which focus on memory and experience to describe a place and spatial relationships. The resulting “maps” aim to represent particular narratives from conversations, journeys and observations made during the residency – referencing locations, routes and elements of visible/invisible infrastructure.
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Series exploring abstract aesthetics and subjective experience, with a focus on how we evaluate, navigate and represent the environments we inhabit. I also aimed to examine the relationship we have with diagrammatic information, specifically maps, and our assumptions/understanding of truth based on these depictions of reality.
Created for my solo exhibition at Edinburgh Printmakers.

Featured works;
Landmarks (detail)
Nowhere Path
Up, Down, Around

Screen print on found paper and interactive, 2014
Limited availability to purchase as unique prints on request

Photos courtesy of Edinburgh Printmakers

Alongside the screen printed series, I hosted an interactive event where participants were invited to create a version of my print Landmarks, by following the route depicted in the print, using ink-stamps featuring symbols located along the trail to complete the piece . Each symbol represented a particular point of interest along the route, and each print in this series is a depiction of that point on the route.


Music promo for Sputnik by Leonidas and Hobbes


SPUTNIK (zine)

Zine exploring form, texture and imagined systems, based on a loose narrative of a satellite being blown off course.
28 pages, laser printed, 14.8cm x 21cm
Edition of 25, signed and numbered.
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